Shadic is one of the largest detergent manufacturers

* Products carefully manufactured *

We have many detergent development methods and we are one of the leading detergent companies in the industry

Keeping abreast of all global
Artistic, aesthetic and effective
Spread in more than one Arab country
As well as North Africa
Ease of communication with investors
After sales service
Facilitating the payment
And lower cost

Easy and fast access

When it comes to easy communication with investors we are the best at all, we have a after sales

permanent technical support

We are responsible for maintaining the machines we produce continuously and also provide regular maintenance

Long lasting quality

The quality of our machines is unrivaled in the region, and is the least maintenance required, and has little exposure to defects caused by the industry

Speed of implementation

We are always the fastest when it comes to implementation, taking into account the accuracy and quality of the world

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